The Algarve, the south province of Portugal. One of the most important tourism regions of the country. With its Mediterranean Climate, summers are long and the winters are mild. With around 300 days of annual sunshine, the weather in the Algarve is perfect for enjoying the sun and the magnificent beaches that bathe the coast of the Algarve. A coast with 200km of cliffs, caves and long beaches to walk on. Most of the beaches are awarded with the “blue flag” distinction, the waters are clear, quiet and with nice temperatures.

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The Algarve also contains several sites of ecological interest and extreme biodiversity. The outdoor sports are recommended, for instance in the vast quality golf courses.

Olhos de Água

Manzo – Steakhouse is located in Olhos de Água. With fishermen origins that are still visible nowadays, the village owes its name to the coastal freshwater springs that bubble up through the sand.

After the 60’s, the rapid growth of tourism in the area, has become the major driving force of the local economy; it can be said that nowadays it’s the main economic activity.

Olhos de Água beach, where the freshwater springs are located at is also a beach awarded with the “blue flag” distinction.  Characterized by the rock formations at the extreme sides of it, you can access the nearby beaches. Through Eastern side we have access to the immense beach of Barranco. And on the opposite we have Maria Luísa Beach.