Our Wines

Our wine cellar has a range of wines careful selected to complement our menu in a “symbiotic” way.

Vinhas do Alentejo


The landscape of Alentejo is characterized by the plains, the wide blue sky and an infinite horizon. The wines from Alentejo offers a pleasure without end, white, rosé or red, they’re aromatic, rounded and soft wines.

Vinhas do Algarve


The Algarve region has four Origin Denominations: Lagos, Lagoa, Portimão and Tavira. Apart from that, the most part of the produced wine is simply “Regional Wine”. The red grapes from the area are the “Castelão” and “Negra Mole”, and the white grapes are “Arinto” and “Síria”. The wines from Algarve are soft, and fruity.

Vinhas da Bairrada


Bairrada region is located between Águeda and Coimbra. The grape from the region is the “Baga” grape, giving a lot of color, balance and longevity to the wine.

Vinhas do Dão


The Dão region has been declared a wine zone since 1908, located in the centre of Portugal, it was the first declared wine region of the country. The wines from Dão are gastronomic wines, with a remarkable acidity and complex and delicate aromas.

Did you know?

Our team is trained to know how to advise the perfect wine for your dish. This is essential for the perfect tasting experience.

Vinhas do Douro


There is a remarkable amount of different grapes in the Douro region. The region is known for structured and complex wines. The Porto Wine is produced with grapes from the area.

Vinhas de França


From the fantastic French Wine we have in our wine cellar one of the best expressions of the grape Sauvignon Blanc. With a lot of citric aromas, and mineral and herbal notes, gives a refreshing and dry taste complemented with a touch of spiciness and acidity.

Vinhas de Itália


Italy has a huge variety of wines and grapes, bigger than any other country. The wine offer of the country is big due to that. In our cellar, we decided to choose a wine from the Pinot Grigio grape, offering a extremely refreshing wine, ideal for our summer. We also offer a Prosecco sparkling wine, known for the its lightness.

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